Our Rules and Policy
  • No Harassment- Kawaii Otaku Plus Con provides a harassment-free convention for everyone. This is a family friendly event for all ages. Please respect everyone personal space, privacy, and opinions. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. Any violation to this rule will be taken seriously, this mean severe cases will be taken to the police if we, or the victim, feel assault or other crime has occurred.
  • OBEY Music City Mall Rules- To know what are the Mall rules and policy please contact info@mcmlewisville.com
  • Be respectful- Please be respectful of all shops that are not perceptions in the convention. We are guest, have respect of the business in this mall inside or outside.
  • Wear your wrist official wrist band- Through out the Saturday and Sunday have your wrist band visible. This way you can come in and out of the special area. If not, visible you will not be able to be inside the dealer room, artist alley, cosplay contest, or meet the voice actors. Do not share. We have rights to revoke your pass if you break any of the rules or policies.
  • No signs on the mall walls or tables- Do not hang up any type of signs on inside or outside of the mall  unless the mall approves them.
  • No throwing- We will be using the 1st and 2nd floor of the mall. Please do not throw anything at anyone. This is a safety issue, we will be having children and elderly people around the area.
  • Follow the Prop Weapons Policy- DO NOT BRING ANY METAL WEAPONS OR TOY WEAPONS THAT LOOK LIKE THE REAL ONES. To keep everyone safe, all type of weapons need a special label everyday. This to show law enforcement that it’s a cosplay not a weapon.
  • Dress Code- It’s a family friendly event. Its important to keep a certain level of modesty. You will be ask to cover up or leave if you are too exposed for children.
  • No solicitation or pan handling- This also mean no “Free Hugs” ,  “Glomp me”, ect. Specific signs that are part of the cosplay needs an approval with a special sticker attach to it.
  • All type of sale is contracted- Unless issued by the Music City Mall. You must have signed a contract with Kawaii Otaku + to sale and vendor at KO+Con. Prof of signed contract will have a vendor badge for both location (Artist Ally & Dealer Room).
  • Refund policy- Unless another pandemic shuts down the state of Texas or bad weather hits (ice, flood, tornado, earthquake). ALL sales are final.
    If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at kawaiiotakuplus@gmail.com